Look, you’ve got an established business. You’re doing okay.  

But you know that you could be doing so much better.  

And you know that using Facebook and Instagram ads to grow a targeted email list to bring in quality leads and loyal clients is the way to take your business to the next level.


“Facebook and Instagram Ads are too hard and too confusing.”  

"The only person on my email list is me. But I've got 100% open rate!"  

“My attempts at Facebook Ads were terrible. Every once in a while I’ll boost a post, but they’ve ended up being a complete waste of money.

Can you relate?


Running list building ads is the fastest and most powerful way to take your business to the next level... if you know what you're doing. 

Throughout List Bilding Ads Lab, I’ll guide you step-by-step through the strategy and the creation of your funnel to bring in new leads every day on auto-pilot.  

Now, I know just the word 'FUNNEL' sounds complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. And I’ll simplify the process for you.  

I'll show you step-by-step how to create your:

  • Lead magnet (the freebie of value you give to get someone on your email list)
  • Landing page (a simple page with one clear goal - to get someone to sign up for your magnet)
  • Thank you page (the page seen after someone signs up for your lead magnet - complete with the Facebook pixel to track when someone becomes a lead)
  • Email series (with the initial email giving them your lead magnet)
  • Facebook and Instagram ads including finding audiences, writing the copy, and creating the graphics and/or videos  
  • And then how to analyze, optimize, and scale those ads  

And this is the same strategy I use with my clients every day to help them grow their lists through Facebook and Instagram ads to bring in qualified leads and loyal clients.


  • 6 modules of video trainings walking you step-by-step through creating your funnel to get people onto your email list consistently  
  • Lifetime access to recordings of the trainings


Module 1: Strategy  

What you’ll learn: The overall list building ads strategy so you understand each piece of the puzzle.  

What you’ll create: Your lead magnet (A quickly digestible, high value freebie that you give in exchange for their email)  

Module 2: Funnels

What you’ll learn: The step-by-steps for everything you need to create your landing page, thank you page, email series, and how to properly place your Facebook pixel to track everything.  

What you’ll create: Your simple and effective funnel  

Module 3: Audience  

What you’ll learn: How to define your avatar and research your potential audience on Facebook (including lookalike and custom audiences)  

What you’ll create: Your audiences to test  

Module 4: Graphics and Copy  

What you’ll learn: My formula for writing ad copy that converts, how to find and create compelling graphics, and what to say in your video ads  

What you’ll create: Your ad copy and graphics/videos  

Module 5: Getting Your Ads Running  

What you’ll learn: I’ll walk you step-by-step through the two different ways to get your ad up and running and teach you the small details that make a big difference in getting you the best cost for your ads.  

What you’ll create: Your Facebook and Instagram Ads  

Module 6: Optimization and Scaling  

What you’ll learn: How to analyze, optimize, and scale your ads so that they can continue to bring in leads consistently at the lowest cost possible.  

What you’ll create: Optimization and and scaling of your Facebook and Instagram ads


Jenn Possick 

Jenn Possick is a Facebook and Instagram Ad strategist, speaker, and coach for personal brands that are changing the world and want to have a greater impact, get qualified leads, and loyal clients using Facebook and Instagram Ads.  

Through her blog posts, free trainings, online courses, coaching, and Ads management, she’s here to help your business move faster and grow a targeted email list.  

Jenn's List Building Ad Framework directly contributed to one of her clients generating over $2 million in sales. She'll work with you to apply that same framework to your business during the List Building Ads Lab. 


A consciousness coach offering a free membership to upsell into her paid membership: 485 members at $1.27 per lead, with a total spend of $614 (so far) 

A therapist and coach running 2 different ad campaigns with free challenges that grew both her email list and Facebook Group: 2,114 Facebook group members at $0.28 per lead with a total spend of $586.81 

A life and consciousness coach offering a free call that also grew her list: 1,495 leads at $0.64 per lead with a total spend of $954.22  

Two ad campaigns for a health and wellness business going to a free ebook: 24,755 leads at $0.83 per lead to a US audience with a total spend of $20,529.90 14,551 leads at $0.57 per lead to a US audience with a total spend of $8,263.98  

A doctor specializing in working with women going through menopause with a long term list building strategy: 2,962 leads at $1.40 per lead - spending $30 a day with a total spend of $4,133.45 so far in a 4.5 month ongoing list building campaign  


List Building Ads Lab is ideal for someone who:

  • Is a coach, personal brand, or health and wellness practitioner that sells products or services
  • Wants to bring in a steady stream of leads every day
  • Knows that they should be running Facebook and Instagram ads but isn’t sure how to run them effectively
  • Knows they want to work with me but aren’t quite ready to make the investment in coaching or ads management 
  • Is ready to take their business to the next level this year


This is not a right fit for someone who:

  • Doesn't have a product or service yet 
  • Isn’t willing or able to invest in their business 
  • Doesn’t believe that they need a funnel 
  • Thinks Facebook ads are the root of all evil 


I have been participating in Jenn’s Ads Makers Society since it’s launch after an AWESOME experience in her List Building Ads Lab!

The group coaching has been outstanding! I was frustrated because I have run FB ads in the past and was just throwing money out the window! I would spend money and get one return and zero leads. Jenn’s group coaching was the clear answer.  

Jenn taught me how to set up a sales funnel, lead magnet, and run ads that actually capture leads and create sales! I now have a steadily growing email list along with sales as a direct result of the group coaching!  

The best part is that Jenn has empowered me to learn and master Facebook ads while also providing weekly hands-on support with live support calls.  

As a result of working with Jenn I have learned how to create Facebook ads that work, capture leads, foster sales from my email list, and wasted ZERO marketing dollars.  

Thank you Jenn! I could not have done this without you!

~Amanda Girton, Slow Foods Kitchen

I took Jenn’s List Building Ads Lab course in December and learned so much.  

She simplified the world of sales pages, sales funnels, pixels, and ads to a level I could understand. Most importantly, I could see how putting these tools into action would directly improve my lead generation.  

Facebook and Instagram Ads are not easy and not something I would ever master on my own. Thanks to Jenn, I am building lead pages and creating funnels that WORK!  

It’s a whole new level of engaging the right clients and I’m so thankful to Jenn.

~Liz M. Lopez, Career & Business Coach


How much time will this take? Real talk: Getting your funnel up and running can take some time. However, the beauty of running list building ads is that once your funnel is running, it's running and the only part you need to check on are your Facebook and Instagram ads periodically throughout your week. 

When you join List Building Ads Lab, you receive immediate access to all 6 modules so you can start watching and implementing right away.

What other options do you have for working with you? Great question. I offer Facebook Ads Management (Done for you), Facebook Ads Strategy Sessions (Done with you), group coaching, and an amazng monthly membership (Ad Makers Society.)

Ads Management - I work with a few, select clients to run their ad campaigns. These tend to be coaches and health and wellness specialists who want to grow their emal list in order to sell to the list and launch their services online though webinars and challenges.

Strategy Sessions - During this 1:1 coaching, we focus on any part of the ads funnel that is needed, so it doesn't always follow any particular order. One client might start off working on placing their Facebook pixels while another starts by looking at optimizing existing ads. 

Ad Makers Society - This monthly membership with weekly coaching Office Hours and a core training that walks you step-by-step through how to run ads that sell to your warm audience is an amazing value and pairs perfectly with List Building Ads Lab, so that you can ask all your questions as you go through the course.

What's your refund policy? If you've gone through the first 2 modules and created your lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, and email series and realize that this isn't for you, I will happily give you a refund. 

Can I just do this on my own? Of course, but let's be real about it...Are you willing to sacrifice the time and money to learn it on your own?

When I was just getting started running the online marketing for my family's business back in 2014, I didn’t have a teacher or a coach. I didn’t even know that was a thing.  

Instead, I invested hundreds (and quite possibly thousands) of hours into learning everything I could from everywhere I could (podcasts, blogs, webinars, courses, etc) and then hundreds more hours applying what I learned and figuring out what worked and what didn’t, and how to make things work better.  

And because I was running Facebook ads for my family’s business, I also wasted thousands of dollars running ads that weren’t as effective as they could have been, simply because I didn’t know any better.  

Over time I learned what I was doing, but if I could go back, knowing what I know now, I would have found myself a coach to teach me how to do all of this and saved thousands of dollars worth of time and money.

So, unlike me back in 2014, you have the benefit of knowing that you have a choice to make. You can do it on your own or you can do it with a coach and save time and money.  

More Questions? Email and let's chat.



"I wanted to advertise on a social media platform and needed guidance on how to do it. Jenn made everything so simple. She cares about her client’s success, which made me feel comfortable that I could trust her and she knew how to get the job done. I would happily work with her again." -Patrick C.

In one word, working with Jenn Possick with Facebook ads is “Efficient.” Jenn does not miss a trick. She is in the details and the continuous changes that Facebook keeps making. When working with Jenn I have the trust that she is always going to check and guide me in all the aspects of creating ads. She also will ask me questions each time in order to ensure we create the best possible ad for my business needs. I highly recommend Jenn and her business capacities.

- Christine M.

“Jenn is an absolute rockstar with Facebook Ads! Not only does her knowledge about them far exceed anyone else I’ve seen, but her ability to teach the concepts in an easy-to-understand way makes the information actionable and effective! If you want to make Facebook Ads work for you BIG TIME, then Jenn is a MUST!”  

-Katie K.