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What would it take for you to have a Breakthrough Year in 2018?

James Wedmore asked us this a few weeks ago during Amy Porterfield’s Entrepreneur Experience and it’s had a big impact on me.

Here’s what I said:
(Oh goodness, I’m about to get really vulnerable here…)

What I need to do differently to have my breakthrough year is:

  • To stop playing small and hiding (because then I’m not helping anyone)
  • To focus on the right things and be productive with my time (Although I have pretended to be in the past, I am not all about the hustle. I am about loving what I do and having fun – in my work and in my life.)
  • To focus on my tribe (That’s you!)

The focusing on my tribe is a big one.

I’ve spent a lot of my time this past year focused only on my Facebook Ads Management clients, which is only a very small percentage of my tribe.

(Btw, I am still accepting new 1-on-1 clients for Facebook Ads Management for next month.  If this is something you’re looking for, simply email me at with a little bit about your business and let’s set up a time to chat.)

And while I LOVE running Facebook Ads for my clients, I don’t like that I’ve been ignoring the vast majority of my peeps.

So, here’s some of what you can expect from me this year:

  • More Facebook Lives – on my Business page, Jenn Possick and in my Facebook Group, Fb Success Secrets – giving tips, tricks, and updates about Facebook and Facebook Ads and answering all your burning questions
  • Consistent blog posts designed to educate and inspire you in your business
  • And for those of you in my online course, Facebook Ads 101, I’ll be going live and popping into our private group regularly to help you with your ad creation on a deeper level
  • And, what I’m most excited for…I’m allllmost done re-vamping my freebie for you – 6 Secrets to Creating Highly Profitable Facebook Ads and turning it into a Guide and a Challenge! (Be on the lookout for this in the next few weeks!!!)

What about you?
What would a breakthrough year look like for you?
(Email me at and let me know!)


Here’s to an AMAZING New Year… full of BREAKTHROUGHS!