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Are you the type of person who set goals or targets for your year? Do you take time to plan out what you’d like to create?

Until last year, I wasn’t.  At least not in any formal sort of way.  

Then around this time last year, it seemed that everyone online was talking about planners and goal setting workbooks and for the first time I thought, ‘Hey, that could be kinda cool.’

So, I did what I typically do.  I did a bunch of research, read a bunch of articles, and visited a bunch of websites to figure out which planner I wanted to try.

And holy cow, there are SO MANY to choose from!

Ultimately, I chose one that looked like the most fun.  It was bright, colorful, mermaid-y, and seemed the best fit for me – Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year in Life + Biz.


While this is not a daily planner, there is a weekly planner, with monthly sections to set your focus for each month and my favorite part are the workbooks for the year that really help to set the tone for what you’d like to create for your life and for your business.

Each workbook is divided into sections, such as My Shining Finances, My Shining Relationships, and My Shining Creativity with questions designed for you to delve into what you’d like to create.

Interestingly enough, these ended up shaping my year in ways I never would have guessed and many of the things I wrote down have actualized over this past year.

For example, in the looking back on the 2015 review, the question was asked ‘What do you need to write about in order for you to feel clear about 2015 in your life?’ One of the things I wrote…”I feel like I’m out of touch with me, out of touch with my magic.”


Are you ready for a bit of a crazy ride here?

One of my goals for 2016 was to launch my Facebook Ads 101 mini-course, and then to finally launch my online course Campreneur, about growing your business on Facebook. I did both of these this year, which I am super proud of!

Another of my goals was to take more Access Consciousness classes. Access Consciousness is kinda like Law of Attraction and playing with energy to create a life you love. I used to be a facilitator of Access Consciousness, but hadn’t taken any classes in over a year, though I still used the tools all the time.

And yet another goal was to visit Asheville, North Carolina a few times this year.  We used to live there and I miss it tremendously.  It’s honestly my favorite place in the world.  (Though after my recent trip, Japan has become a close second.)

After I launched my Facebook Ads 101 mini-course, I got a message from an old Access friend up in Asheville.  She was hosting a facilitator named Kass Thomas for an Access Body Class and wanted to see if I was available to run some Facebook Ads to promote the class.  I said yes, absolutely, and agreed to run ads partly in exchange for getting to go to the class.

So, not only did I get to take an Access Consciousness Class like I’d been asking for (and my favorite one at that), I got a great excuse to visit Asheville. But it gets even better than that!

I ended up taking Kass on as a continual client. And I truly love getting to work with her and play in her energy. She travels the world facilitating classes and in working with Kass, I’ve also gotten to travel to Denver to play in the mountains and to Japan, a country I never knew I wanted to visit, and now I can not wait to return.  (I am so enamoured with the place and the people and the food.)

And remember how I wrote… “I feel like I’m out of touch with me, out of touch with my magic.”

Kass has been touring her new book, ‘7 Steps to Flawless Communication’ – a tiny yet powerful book packed with exercises to create better communication.

And Step 1? It’s called Show Me the Magic! It’s all about being yourself and what magic you create out in the world.  I’ve attended Kass’ book talks and full workshops on the 7 Steps several times now in-person and online and every time they are an amazing invitation and reminder of getting back in touch with who I am and the magic that I create!

Exactly what I was asking for.  Crazy, right?

I love when things you are asking for show up in ways you would never have expected.

And when going through these workbooks at the beginning of 2016, I never would have imagined what would get created from the intentions I wrote down.

I just recently recieved my workbooks for 2017. I can’t wait to dive in and start creating for 2017! How much more magic can be created from this?!

Want to join me with planners of your own? CLICK HERE!