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I’ve been talking about Facebook Live for the last few weeks.  It’s a great way to connect with your fans and grow the know, like, and trust factor.

I’ve been using it in multiple ways already, including to sharing what I learned at Social Media Marketing World with a week of Live videos and helping my mom go Live from her Facebook Fan Page and her Facebook Groups to do some Q and A’s about the Micronized Purple Rice and to offer a special.

And I realized, I haven’t yet shared HOW to use Facebook Live with you, so today, I want to do just that.

And it’s so easy!  Even if you are not very tech proficient, you can use Facebook Live.

Here’s how to use Facebook Live:

1. You can go Live anywhere on Facebook as long as you’re on mobile. You can go Live from your personal page, your business page, a group, or even an event!

Last month Facebook rolled out Facebook Live to IOS (iPhones) and android.  I’ve heard from a few folks that they don’t yet have it with their androids.  If that’s the case, make sure your Facebook, Pages, and Groups apps are up to date.

2. To go live, go to whichever area you plan to go live from (your personal page, business page, group or event) and start to make a status update. In this case, I’m just walking you through how to go Live from your Facebook Business Page, but it looks incredibly similar from each.

3. Select Publish.

How to Use Facebook Live

4.  Select the person icon with the 2 circles around it.  This is the icon for Facebook Live.

How to Use Facebook Live

5. Describe your video.  Keep the description short and let fans know what you’ll be talking about.  You can include emojis and hashtags, but don’t need to.

How to Use Facebook Live

6. By the way, I use a tripod selfie stick to hold the camera steady.  You can choose to hold it, but keep in mind your hand will naturally shake a bit.  The tripod selfie stick is only $15 from Amazon.  Click here for the one my mom bought.

How to Use Facebook Live

When placing your phone, you want it to be vertical, not horizontal.  Facebook puts your video in a square that is perfectly sized for vertical but shrinks with black spots on either side when placed horizontally.

Pro tip: Whether it’s in your hand or on a tripod selfie stick, place the phone slightly above your head looking down to show better angles and slim your face.  And for better lighting, place light in front of your face, not behind you.

7.  Select the blue button that says ‘’Go Live.’

8. You’ll get a countdown from 3 and then you are live streaming.  Super simple, right?

I suggest you smile when it starts and start talking almost immediately.  Here’s why…from a business page, you can choose from 10 thumbnails once you’re finished.  Facebook takes snapshots throughout the video, mostly of you talking – which at least for me, look pretty awkward.  But it tends to take the first thumbnail at the very beginning, so if you’re smiling at the very start, you’re able to get at least one good thumbnail from the 10.

You want to start talking almost immediately because as soon as the livestream is done it becomes a video on your page and when people watch the replay you don’t want them to have to wait on you before you start talking.

9.  While you’re live, you can face the camera towards you or flip the screen by pressing the little arrows in a circle in the top right.

Consider this more of a conversation than a monologue. Engage with your viewers by asking questions.  You’ll be able to read comments while you’re live and see anytime someone gives you reactions like likes and loves as they float by.

10.  When you’re ready to end your livestream, there’s a big red button in the bottom right.  Simply press it and you’re done streaming. Your video will live on your page and can be easily accessed under your ‘videos’ section.

But wait! Just because the livestream is done does not mean you’re totally done yet.

11. You’ll be shown a screen with some info when you’re done. If you want to save your video to your phone, press the button that says “Save video to your camera roll.” If you’ve done this you can easily repurpose the video, like take out a snippet of it and post it on You Tube.

How to Use Facebook Live

12. Edit your initial post! There are multiple ways you can edit. First, select a new thumbnail based on the 10 choices, or upload your own. You can also edit the text, add any links you mentioned during the livestream, add a call-to action, name your video, and send people to a site.

How to Use Facebook Live

14.  Tips for getting more views.

Before – The day before you’re going live, let your fans know you’ll be going live, when, and how to watch.

During – The longer you go live, the more reach Facebook will give you.  Right now, Facebook is giving priority to Facebook Live in the news feed.  So when you go Live, Facebook will often place your video in the top posts in your fans news feeds.

You can go live for 30 minutes, unless you’re using the Mentions app – in which case you have an hour and a half.  When you’re 25 minutes in, you’ll get a 5 minute warning to know to start wrapping it up.

So, the longer you go, the more reach you’re given.  However, short and sweet can sometimes mean more views after the fact because our attention spans are short and people are sometimes more likely to watch your whole video if it’s just a few minutes.

After – Share your video. If you went live from your Fan Page, share your video to your personal page or your Facebook Group.

That’s it! Easy peasy! And an amazing way to connect with your fans and grow the know, like, and trust factor!

So now, I want to hear from you! Are you creating your first Facebook Live video? I’d love to see it! Share it in my Facebook Group HERE!