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Facebook Ads are an amazing tool for your business.  

But if they aren’t done right, they can also be the biggest waste of money.

That’s why having a Facebook Ads Manager can be invaluable.

And there’s where I come in!

Facebook Ads Management includes:

  • Strategy call
  • Creation of Facebook Ads Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ads
  • Review of landing page with feedback/recommendations
  • Creation of Images & Copy
  • A/B test images, copy, and target audiences
  • On-boarding packet with in-depth targeting questionnaire
  • Tracking pixel codes provided and assistance with implementation
  • Monitoring, adjusting, and reporting


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Thinking About Applying to Work with Me, but aren’t sure we’re a good fit?

Facebook Ads Management with me is a good fit for entrepreneurs and small business owners who:

  • Understand that Facebook Ads are the fastest and easiest way to bring in new leads and new customers
  • Are ready and able to invest in your business
  • Are ready to bring leads to you instead of tapping into your not-so-warm market
  • Can’t wait to bring your business to the next level

Facebook Ads Management with me is NOT a good fit if:

  • You believe that Facebook and Facebook Ads are the root of all evil
  • Believe your ideal audience is not and never will be on Facebook and aren’t willing to consider other possibilities
  • Just want to run a business to spam people and don’t care about helping people and delivering value


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a Free 30-minute Consultation <<

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