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“I had an email list of about 80 and after working with Jenn, the Ads Maven, I have way over 80.”
Amanda Girton, Slow Foods Kitchen

This quote made me laugh in the best way.

My friend (and star student) Amanda joined me on The Ads Maven this past week to chat about running Facebook Ads to grow her email list and promote her delicious raw, vegan snacks to her list.  

You can check out the show HERE or listen on your favorte podcast platform – like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spoitfy.

We also chatted about how her business got started, how they come up with their unique recipes, and what secret ingredient makes their kale chips so much better than any other kale chip on the market. 

Seriously. Their kale chips will make you addicted, even if you’re like me and don’t actually like kale.  And you can grab a free box of the best kale chips ever with your first purchase HERE.  

Amanda started using my Facebook and Instagram Ads framework first in List Building Ads Lab and now in my monthly membership, Ad Makers Society.

If you know that you want to run ads to grow your email list so you have a (bigger) list to sell to, let’s chat.

Here’s a link to my calendar <<

 I’d love to see how my Facebook Ads Framework can help you.