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Look I know that Ads Manager is not intuitive and it’s always changing. (Hello iOS updates.)

But I'd love to simplify it for you so that you can easily scale your leads and fill your launch events with your dream clients.

I got started in the world of digital marketing back in 2014 when I was working with my family's business.

I knew we needed an online presence but didn’t know anything about it.

But as a former elementary school teacher, I believe we are all lifelong learners, so I started learning everything I could from everywhere I could, applying it, and figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

I very quickly realized that using Facebook ads to grow our list so that we could then sell to our list was super effective.

I grew my family’s list to over 160,000 people, which was directly responsible for bringing in well over $2 million in sales.

From that point, I started sharing what I knew with others.

And now I offer Done For You and Done With You services to life coaches and consciousness facilitators to help them grow their lists and fill their launch events without wasting time and money.

If you want to see how we can scale your leads in the next 30 days, guaranteed, without spending a second more of your time in Ads Manager, I’d love to help.

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Hi! I’m Jenn Possick,The Ads Maven. 

I'm a Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist, Speaker, and Consultant that helps coaches, course creators, and online business owners grow their lists and fill their webinars using Facebook and Instagram ads so they can attract more qualified leads and generate a lot more revenue.

Through my podcast - The Ads Maven, trainings, Launch Fuel course, Done With You services, and Ads Management, I'm here to help you create more connections and more clients.

And as a former elementary school teacher, I'm really good at breaking everything down and making it easily digestible.

I live in St Pete, Florida and when I'm not riding my bike to the beach, I'm at roller derby practice, or just chilling at home with my wife, Candice, and our 3 rescue dogs.

I believe strongly that love is love, black lives matter (and black trans lives matter), intersectional feminism is for everyone, no human is illegal, and kindness is everything.

I'd love to help you run effective and profitable Facebook + Instagram Ads!