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Have you ever passed by a house where the outside just looks rough? Chipping house paint, moldy or broken fences, and a wildly overgrown lawn.

Now maybe you see that and think…”fix-er-upper” but unless you’re a house flipper, you probably don’t want to step foot inside the house.

Facebook cover photos are a lot like this.  They are your real estate out front, and for many Facebook Business Pages, their lawn is looking a little brown.

So, today on the blog I want to share the 3 biggest mistakes I see in Facebook Cover photos and how to easily fix them.

Mistake #1 Facebook Cover photo is the wrong size

Have you ever seen a cover photo that is gorgeous when viewing the full pic, but as a cover photo, it doesn’t work – cuts off the head of the kids in the pic or just doesn’t make sense. If your cover photo is the wrong size, it’s just not going to look right.

How to fix it: You want Facebook cover photos to be 851 x 315 pixels.  Now, if that means nothing to you (And don’t worry if that’s the case.  That meant nothing to me a few years ago.) the easiest place to go to create a correctly sized cover photo is

I walk you through how to use it a bit in this blog post HERE, but it’s pretty simple once you start to play around.  Choose ‘Facebook Cover Photo’ and start creating! Add your own pics for free and if you use theirs it’s only $1 per use, which is nothing when it comes to paying for images.

Also, there’s a new app you can use that is very similar to Canva called Adobe Spark. I got to meet with 2 of the creators behind it at Social Media Marketing World and it’s pretty cool.  (The only downside is that it puts a little Adobe Spark hashtag at the bottom of every graphic you create.)  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Mistake #2 The text is covered by the page name or profile pic

Facebook is going to cover up some of the image with your profile pic and page name on desktop and on mobile it’s going to cut off the sides.

The 3 Biggest Facebook Cover Photo Mistakes

Take Tampa Roller Derby’s cover photo for example. (You may or may not know this, but I played roller derby for 7 years, first in Asheville, North Carolina, as a founding member of the Blue Ridge Rollergirls, then with Tampa Roller Derby.) While the image itself is really pretty, it repeats their logo in the profile pic and the slogan is covered up.

How to fix it: When you’re creating your Cover Photo, keep this in mind and create a cover photo that shows the key parts from desktop or mobile.  This can take some editing, uploading,  and reediting to  make sure it looks right, but it’s worth the added time.

Mistake #3 There’s no link

This one drives me crazy! 

The 3 Biggest Facebook Cover Photo Mistakes

Let’s say you’re a fan of Seinfeld and you want to go see him at the US Cellular Center (which, continuing the roller derby theme, is also where the Blue Ridge Rollergirls play.). How would you get tickets? My thought – click the picture, then click the link and immediately buy your ticket.  Easy peasy.

The 3 Biggest Facebook Cover Photo Mistakes

But when you open up the pic, there’s no link.  To me, this is a waste. And with my short attention span, between being interested in getting tickets and having to leave to find the tickets on their website, I’m probably gonna get distracted and forget. 

How to fix it: If someone is coming to your page, they want to know more about you.  Make it easy for them.

Once you add your cover photo, there’s a place on the side that says, “Add a description.” Put appropriate links in your description.

Also, you can put a call-to-action on your cover photo. My favorite way to do this is by adding the words ‘click here’ to the graphic so they know to open up the cover photo.

So, now that you know the 3 biggest mistakes and how to fix them, show me your cover photos! Post them in my Facebook Group HERE!