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Are you as Obsessed with podcasts as I am?

Pretty much any time I’m driving in the car or working out, I’m listening to a podcast.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts that have influenced me and my business.

1. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

You probably know I am a huge fan of Amy Porterfield.  I’ve bought all her courses and can say she’s been one of the biggest influences of my business. 

Her podcast is exceptional. Every week she puts out content that gives so much actionable information and they always come with more information to download!

While pretty much every episode has some gold nuggets, here’s two of my favorites…
#64 A Backstage Pass to my Most Successful Launch Yet
#47 How to Gain Confidence, Increase Productivity, and Move Toward Mastery Every Day with Todd Herman

2. The Art of Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready

I totally dork-out talking about Facebook ads.  I love them more than I think most people should.  Rick’s podcast talks about Facebook ads but also other paid traffic like you Tube ads, Google AdWords, etc.

 As for my favorite episodes – honestly pretty much every episode I’ve listened to had been great.  If you’re new to advertising online, I would suggest start with #2 How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads for Success.  But if you’re a seasoned marketer, dive into whichever topic interest you most.  You won’t be disappointed. 

3. Story Jam Theater – with Chris Krimitsos

This is kind of like The Moth, but for business.  Chris hosts and records a live get together where people share stories of lessons they’ve learned about business.  I’ve been at several of the live events and heard some really inspiring stories.
My 2 favorites…
The Package Executive with Delatorro McNeal II
Broadway Bound with Marc Ensign

4. Biz Women Rock with Katie Krimitsos

 Put out 3 times a week, my friend Katie interviews women business owners about how they got to where they are in business. 

Don’t know where to start? For the last 2 years during Shark Week, Katie has brought on guests who were on Shark Tank which gives fascinating info about the business along with the behind-the-scenes info from Shark Tank and where are they now updates.
Shark Week – Shark Tank – Kate Steadman and Sharon Bui of Frill 

5. Marketing Moxie with Maggie Patterson

Maggie has been in the marketing world for a long time and definitely knows her stuff.  Her interviews are always interesting and no more than 30 minutes, which are great for holding my short attention span and means I can usually listen in just one sitting.

My favorite episodes are the shorter Feisty Fridays where she gets a little feisty talking about common mistakes being made in marketing.

6. Real Talk with Rachel Luna

I like Rachel Luna because she seems to be exactly as the show is called, real.  She is definitely not afraid to speak her mind, which I appreciate, while she interviews other female entrepreneurs about their business.

My favorite episodes:
#13: Getting Chatty with Alex Beadon
#4: How to Start a Podcast ft. Jessica Kupferman

7. The Get Paid Podcast with Claire Pelletreau

This show is so interesting.  It gets into the nitty-gritty of how much people are making and how much they take home at the end of the day. These episodes are LONG (like over an hour), so either plan to listen during a road trip or in multiple parts.
My favorite episodes…
#13 Claire Pelletreau: $4000 in the Bank after a $10K month
#1 Tara Gentile: Launching, Group Coaching, and Beer

So, I wanna hear from you!

What are your favorite podcasts for business?

Are there some podcasts I left off the list that I need to listen to ASAP?!
Share them with me in my Facebook Group Here.

P.S.  Wanna know my favorite non-business podcasts? Here’s a few…
RadioLab, Serial and the continuation of Adnan’s story –  Undisclosed, Invisibilia, Savage Lovecast, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and The Moth