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The Simple Way to Pack Your Next Webinar, Workshop, or Challenge

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Let me make them easy for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re serving your clients and making a difference in their lives.
  • Your business is doing great. 
  • But you also know you need to reach more people.

And if you’re trying to grow your email list and are using launch events like webinars, challenges, 3-part video series, and private podcasts to open the doors to your program…

… Facebook and Instagram Ads are still THE best way to grow your list + fill your launch event.

Buuuut, maybe you:

  • Have spent literal HOURS inside Ads Manager trying to figure out what you're doing before just giving up.
  • Have spent thousands of dollars in ad spend with nothing to show for it.
  • Are about ready to throw your laptop across the room because Ads Manager looks totally different from the last time you were in there.
  • Keep telling yourself you're going to run ads your next launch but then your next launch comes and goes.

Am I close?

I hear these complaints from coaches and course creators ALL THE TIME.

Look, Facebook + Instagram Ads are an amazing way to grow your email list, fill your webinars + masterclasses, and bring in clients.

But the Ads Manager platform is not intuitive and is constantly changing. (Hello iOS updates.)

You HAVE to know what you’re doing.

Otherwise your ads waste your time and your money. 

In my 7+ years as a Facebook + Instagram Ads Strategist and Consultant, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs save time and money by getting their ads up and running quickly, easily, and effectively.

And I'd love to help you with this too.

That's why I created a masterclass for coaches and course creators who are really to fill their launch events through Fb + IG ads.

Free Masterclass

The Simple Way to PACK Your Next
Webinar, Workshop, or Challenge

This Masterclass is for coaches and course creators who are new to ads and are running launch events to fill their programs.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to increase enrollment, get followers to flock to the excitement of your program or services + smash your next webinar, workshop, or challenge
  • The way pro’s like Amy Porterfield executed profitable launches before they had a massive list (this is the ONE THING that makes a big difference and anyone can use it)
  • The surprising way entrepreneurs like you are easily scaling their coaching businesses so they can create a bigger + bigger impact

Wondering if this training will help you?

Meet Jess. 💁🏻‍♀️

When she first came to me, her ad to bring people onto a free webinar where she was selling her $1,000 program was converting for...

... $14 per lead - WAAAAY TOO EXPENSIVE for her niche!

After an audit of her ad account, I found that her actual ads (the copy and graphics that people see) were totally fine.

(This is often the case. Because Facebook Ads Manager can be intimidating, it's usually not the copy or graphics that are causing the problem.)

Where she needed some changes were in how she set up the ads on the back end in Ads Manager.

We made some simple tweaks and soon enough, her ads started converting around $1 a lead!

Same exact ads.

Same budget.

But a lot more people signed up for her webinar...

...Which meant she made a whole lot more sales (making over $40,000 with that next webinar).

I’d love to help you do the same in my FREE Facebook + Instagram Ads Masterclass...

...where I'll share my Simple Way to PACK Your Next Webinar, Workshop, or Challenge!

Ready to save time and money from DIYing your ads all on your own?


Hi! I’m Jenn Possick,
The Ads Maven.

I'm a Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist, Speaker, and Consultant that helps coaches, course creators, and online business owners grow their lists and fill their webinars using Facebook and Instagram ads so they can attract more qualified leads and generate a lot more revenue.

Through my podcast - The Ads Maven, trainings, Launch Fuel course, done with you services, and Ads management, I'm here to help you create more connections and more clients.

And as a former elementary school teacher, I'm really good at breaking everything down and making it easily digestible.

I live in St Pete, Florida and when I'm not riding my bike to the beach, I'm at roller derby practice, or just chilling at home with my wife, Candice, and our 3 rescue dogs.

I believe strongly that love is love, black lives matter (and black trans lives matter), intersectional feminism is for everyone, no human is illegal, and kindness is everything.

I'd love to help you run effective and profitable Facebook + Instagram Ads!

Ready for ads to be easy?