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You know that I am big believer in the power of Facebook and Instagram ads.

But too often, I think people forget that they can still do all the same stuff organically (i.e. without running ads) just on a smaller level.

And I would 100% encourage you to do so.

If you want people to read a blog post, here’s just a few places and ways to share it:

  • Posting on your personal Facebook page
  • On your Facebook business page
  • In your Facebook Group
  • In an Instagram post
  • Instagram stories
  • By sending an email to your list
  • Talking about it on your podcast
  • Going live (any and everywhere) 

If you want people to sign-up for your lead magnet (AKA your freebie, your opt-in, basically something free of value that you give in exchange for someone’s information):

  • Post about it EVERYWHERE
  • Put it in your Facebook business cover photo with a link in the description
  • Make it the link from your Call-to-Action button on your business page
  • Put it as one of the links in your account on Instagram

Use every possible way you can think of to tell people about it before you run ads

And then see what the response is.  

Are people into it?
Is it helpful?
Are they signing up for it?

Yes? Awesome! Now you know it’s worthwhile to run ads to it.

Because here’s the thing, if your organic methods aren’t working to bring in clients, chances are that your Facebook and Instagram ads won’t work either.  If your funnel is broken, and people don’t want to buy, they won’t want to buy through an ad into the funnel either.

But if people are into what you’re putting out there, now it’s time to scale and Facebook and Instagram ads are the best way I know to do that.


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