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Done With You Services

Like to be empowered to run ads on your own but still get support to make sure your ads are as effective as possible? 

With my Ad Concierge services, we work together, step-by-step, on any aspect of your ads you’d like some help (landing pages, placing Facebook pixels, getting your ad running effectively, optimizing and scaling, etc).  

Done With You Services start at $2,000/month.

Ad Concierge includes: 

  • Up to 6 hours a month meeting through Zoom working on the spectrum of what is needed for Facebook and Instagram Ads from landing pages, thank you pages, and pixels, to uploading, optimizing, and scaling your ads.
  • Access to Launch Fuel course including training on ads for list building and launch events and a private Facebook group
  • Voxer access to me
  • Ad account access as advertiser for me to check on your ads on a daily basis, so that when optimizations need to be made, we can easily hop on a quick Zoom to make those changes together

Right now my clients are seeing these types of results:

✔️ 1,058 masterclass sign-ups for $1.89/person

✔️ 3,586 challenge sign-ups for $0.76/person

✔️ 400 new email subscribers for $3/lead

✔️ 100 new members into a $497/year membership ($49,700 launch)

✔️ 33 new students into a $5,500 program ($181,500 launch)

✔️ 41 new students into a $997 course ($40,877 launch)

✔️ 60 new students into a $5,500 program ($330,000 launch)

Like to see if the Ad Concierge package is the right fit for you?

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