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Ready to get more visible while attracting qualified leads through Facebook + Instagram ads?

Here’s what you should know about me.


  1. I used to teach elementary school and am a teacher at heart.

  2. I’m an action taker.

  3. I believe we are all life-long learners.

Because of these traits, I love to share my knowledge and teach others what I have learned.

I excel at breaking things down and making them as easy as possible.  

I relish taking the frustration and overwhelm out of using Facebook, so that working in your business can feel a lot more like play. 

I can help you use your Facebook Ads to gain fans, leads, and sales – consistently.


Ready to roll? You’ve got options. Choose from:

Ad Makers Society

A monthly membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to be more visible, feel more confident and get ongoing training + support as you uplevel your business through Facebook + Instagram ads..

Starting at $97/month.

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Done With You Services

Like to be empowered to run ads on your own but still get support to make sure your ads are as effective as possible? 

​I’ve got two options for my Done With You Ad services. With both, at the core, we hop on Zoom, you share your screen, and we work step-by-step to get your ads up and running as effectively as possible. 

During our sessions, we work together on any aspect of your ads you’d like some help (landing pages, placing Facebook pixels, getting your ad running effectively, optimizing and scaling, etc).  

Done With You Services start at a package of $1,000.

Option 1: Ad Concierge Package

The Ad Concierge package includes:  

  • Initial kick-off call to discuss strategy and plan out what ads are needed
  • Up to 8 hours a month meeting through Zoom working on the spectrum of what is needed for Facebook and Instagram Ads from landing pages, thank you pages, and pixels, to uploading, optimizing, and scaling your ads.
  • Monthly strategy and accountability call (starting month 2)
  • Access to Ad Makers Society including Office Hours, private Facebook group, Ad Makers Toolkit, and List Building Ads Lab course
  • Access to Launch Fuel course
  • Voxer access to me
  • Ad copy written for you on an as needed basis
  • Ad account access as advertiser for me to check on your ads in between our calls, make suggestions, make small changes, and record a quick Looms to teach what to do in the account


Option 2: Ads SOS

This is quick start package of 4 hours of time together on Zoom. This time can be used as needed and rolls over. 

And if you’re not sure which option will work best for you and your business, let’s chat about about it and figure it out together. 

Done For You Services

Prefer to have someone run your ads for you?

I offer Ads Management services starting at $3,000/month.

Ads Management includes: 

  • Initial consultation to get more details around your ideal clients and goals for for your ads
  • Creation of the overall Facebook + Instagram Ads Strategy
  • Installation of Facebook pixels

  • Making sure all the elements of your funnel are working properly

  • Creation of ad copy and graphics  (and I’ll work with you on what to say in any videos)

  • Uploading the ads, including multiple testing options for targeting, copy, and graphics

  • Regular analyzation, optimization, and scaling your ads

  • Meeting on a regular basis to check-in and review Facebook + Instagram Ads