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So apparently, there’s this widely-known practice among entrepreneurs of choosing a word of the year – a word to guide you – to be your touchstone.

Have you chosen a word of the year before? 

I hadn’t.  It’s only been in the last year that I’d even heard about it and honestly it seemed kind of silly to me at first – how could one little word encompass a whole year?  But, since choosing my word, I’ve realized how much it’s actually inspiring me and helping to keep me focused on the bigger picture of what I’d like for this year.

“Words contain energy and images and meaning. These are things our hearts and souls can get excited about. And this is how transformation begins.” -Christine Kane

Last month, I gifted myself Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year in Life and Biz Workbooks and Planner.  Using a planner is another first for me, but so far I have really loved it – especially looking at what I would like from my year, setting big goals, and understanding the smaller, actionable steps to get there.

And one of the exercises in the workbooks is to decide on your word of the year.

So, after a few days of deliberation, I decided on my word…

A few words were serious contenders –

JOY: I am all about creating joy

VISIBLE: I have an amazing capacity at being invisible.  This past year, while starting my business, I’ve really had to focus on being visible, putting myself out there, and being in the spotlight.

UNIQUE: I bring a unique perspective to how I do things, and honestly, I’m one of the weirdest people I know and I mean that in a good way.  You know those quizzes about “Which character from a certain tv show/movie would you be?” Which Friends character? Phoebe.  Which Harry Potter character? Luna Lovegood.  See what I mean?

FUN: I believe that if it’s isn’t fun, why bother?

But ultimately I decided on …CREATE.

my word of the year is...Here’s why:

Create feels fun, light, and active.

For example:  
~I create every day with my words and my actions.
~We create our own reality.
~I create joy.
~I create a business that lights me up to talk about.

And this year, there is so much I want to create – both in life and business.

~I want to create ease in everything I am doing.

~I want to continue to create a business where I share my insights and unique take with as many people as I can about how to use Facebook to build a business.

~I want to create a network marketing revolution – teaching entrepreneurs how to share their business in a non-spammy, ick-free way – a way that feels fun and light and is an absolute joy to play in every day.

~I want to create and inspire confidence in entrepreneurs.

~I want to create free content to share what I know – through blogging, videos, and webinars.

And when I look at my goals, I have two really big ones – one for business, one for life, both of which involve creating…

  1. I want to create an online course that shares the system I use to bring in massive amounts of sales through Facebook.
  2. I want to create a baby. I’m ready.  My wife has been ready pretty much since we met over 7 years ago. Now we just need a little creation to actually happen.

There’s a lot I plan to create this year, and choosing this word as my word of the year makes my heart happy.

Do you have a word of the year? I’d love to hear what it is and why you chose it.
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