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Facebook Groups are a great way to promote your business.  

There are Facebook Groups out there for every interest, but it’s a fine line between being engaging and being too pushy.

So, today, I’m giving you 5 tips for using Facebook Groups to help grow your business in a non-pushy way.

1. Know the Rules

This is a biggie.  Make sure you know the rules of a Facebook group.  Some groups don’t allow any promotion –  no links and no sharing from your business page.  Some allow promotion only on certain days or certain posts.  

In my Facebook Group – The Ads Maven Community, I’m fine with people promoting as long as it’s done in a way that is giving value, not just a drive-by promotion where someone pops in and says “Hey buy my stuff!”

Before you post, know the group rules.  If you promote in a non-promotion group, you can end up looking like a jerk, even when you don’t mean to, and you can get yourself kicked out for it.

2. Go for the Long Game  

When you first join a group, introduce yourself.  Comment on other posts.  Be helpful.  When someone asks a question that is perfect for you, respond. Choose a few groups to be really present in so that you become an expert in that group in your field.

3. Inspire and Educate

Just like on your Facebook Business Page, share content that inspires and educates others.  This can have a bit of promotion in there as well. I like to post the promotion in a more subtle way. More, “Hey, by the way, if this information is right up your alley, here’s how to learn more.” Instead of, “Hey, give me your money for this!”

4. Space Out the Sharing

Many of us are in the same groups.  For example, if you’re an Access Consciousness facilitator and are sharing to the Access Florida group and the Access North America group, chances are many of the same people are members of both.

If you’re sharing about the same thing in multiple groups, I suggest you share to no more than 2 groups a day.  Otherwise it can feel a bit too promotional and those folks who are in all of the groups you’re posting to, see all of those posts in one lump and often end up ignoring it.

Also, try to say something different in each of those posts. When you say the exact same thing everywhere you share, it becomes monotonous and can feel a bit spammy.

5. Get Some Help

This is probably my favorite tip that many people don’t know.  Anytime someone comments on a post in a Facebook Group, it pulls that post back up to the top of the group.  This means more people are able to see the post, even if they are going to the group to see someone else’s post.

5 Tips for Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

I made the above post in my mom’s group, Kare’s Purple Rice Eaters, over a year ago and it has stayed towards the top of the group that whole time, simply because people continue to comment on it! Crazy, right?!

So, to help keep your posts towards the top, enlist the help of a friend (or a VA). Have your friend comment and help create a conversation on the post.

There you have it.  5 Tips for posting in Facebook Groups. 

Which tip was your favorite? Do you have a tip or two to add?

Let me know in the comments, or in my Facebook Group HERE.

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-Jenn Possick, The Ads Maven