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What type of presence do you have on Facebook? How do your friends and family perceive your business?

Are they left wanting more because you don’t post enough? Do they even know about your business at all?

Or is it the opposite and they are annoyed because you come across as too salesy?

Like Golidlocks, we’re searching for the porridge to be ‘Juuuust Right.’  (In this case, your Facebook presence is the porridge.)

At a recent event, one of my clients was told by a friend that it seemed like she had been absent from Facebook for awhile, but now she’s back. 

And it’s true – she hadn’t been around much on Facebook until she began working with me a few months ago.

My client asked her friend if it was too much – too abrasive, or too salsey? 

The response?  

“It’s not too much.  You’re present, but not invasive.”

I love that sentiment!

Present, but not invasive.

She’s present because her posts are showing up in others’ news feeds.  More people are engaging with her posts.  She’s being seen and so is her business.

She’s not invasive because her posts are not overly promotional.  Instead, she’s posting things that get engagement and still let people know about her offers in an inviting way.

When my client told me about this interaction, I realized that being present, but not invasive is really my goal for any Facebook Business Page.

So, here are some tips for making your Facebook presence present, without being invasive.

Let’s start with what NOT to do.   

Here’s are some examples of being invasive:

1. Posting only promotional posts.

Have you ever been on a Facebook Business Page that only posts about what they’re selling, and what great sales they have going on?

Does it make you want to engage? To read anything else they have to say?

If you’re like me, and the majority of the population, that is a big, fat ‘NO.’

2. Adding friends to your Facebook Group without asking their permission.

Have you ever been added to a Facebook Group without being asked, that you had no real interest in joining?  This is a huge pet peeve of mine and I still see this mistake happen all the time.

Please don’t just add people without telling them about a group.  Instead, there are many ways you can invite them to join. 

For example, I just got a personal Fb message the other day from a friend just wanting to let me know about her new Facebook Group and if I was interested, here’s the link.  If not, no worries.

I knew her group applied to me and my business, so I joined.  But if I had been added to it without being asked, honestly, I probably would have left the group and been a bit grumpy with that friend.

3. Using your Personal Facebook Page solely for posting about your business.

Facebook hates this (They have disabled plenty of pages for this reason.) and likely, so do your friends. 

Of course you can sprinkle in posts about your business and what you’re up to, but when that’s all you post, it can easily come across as too sales and it’s doing nothing to grow the know, like, and trust factor.

Here are some examples of how to be present:

1. Post consistently to your Facebook Fan Page.

You’ve probably heard this before, but consistently is key – in so many areas of your business (and life).

When you post consistently, people start to see your posts, they expect your posts, and you’re growing the know, like, and trust factor.  

I recommend posting at least once a day. 

2. Schedule your posts.

Are you likely to post every day if you have to remember to go in and post? I won’t.  Life gets in the way.

Instead, schedule your posts, either through Facebook or my favorite tool – Post Planner.

For more about scheduling, check out my video about how to schedule HERE. 

3. Create a posting plan. 

I suggest posting a range of photos, videos, and links that are inspirational, educational, entertaining, personal, and just a hint of promotional. 

For more on what to post and when, click the picture below to check out my video training, “Getting More Engagement on Facebook.”

4. Write only to your ideal customer.

When you know who you’re speaking to and you’re able to write to them, it can change what you say and how you say it. 

And keep in mind that you’re only writing to one person, because usually when you are scrolling through Facebook (or reading a blog post like this one), it’s just you reading it by yourself.

5. Connect your work page to your personal page. 

So many people don’t have this done and it is a simple way for your friends and family to easily see what you do and connect with your business page if they are interested.

To learn how to connect your work page to your personal page, check out my quick video training HERE.

There you have it.  8 tips for how to be present, but not invasive on Facebook.

So, now it’s your turn! Do you agree with my tips? Are there some I left out? Tell me in the comments or in my Facebook Group HERE.

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-Jenn Possick, The Ads Maven