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What’s the name of your Facebook Business Page?

Does it have your name in it? Or is it just the name of your business? 

I’m gonna tell you something that might ruffle some feathers.

But I also think it’s important to put it out there, because I see so many network marketers making this huge mistake when naming their Facebook Business Page!

Wanna know what the mistake is? 

Not using their own name.

Now using your name won’t work for every business.  There are definitely exceptions. For example, if your business is a brick and mortar store, it’s likely not going to be named after you.  

But if your business is service based, if you sell products online, and especially if you are a network marketer, I believe that if you don’t use your own name and brand yourself, you (and your business) are missing out.

Here’s why…

1. It lets people know who you are.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before – we buy from those we know, like, and trust. And that’s true from big businesses to individuals.

You can go to Target or Walmart.  Which one do you choose?  For me.  I will choose Target every time.  I know both.  But I know, like, and trust Target.

Same thing for a individual.  If you need help with your taxes, and you have a friend who is a CPA, are you going to choose someone you know nothing about or the person you already have a relationship with? For me, and probably most of you, I’m choosing the friend.

Also, let’s say you invite someone to like your page.  If it doesn’t have your name, will they know it’s your business? Or will they think it’s someone else’s?  

There have been plenty of times that I’ve been invited to like a page by a friend and I have no idea if it’s their page or not.

2. Who are you promoting? Yourself or the Company?

So often I see network marketer’s Facebook Business Pages named after the network marketing business.

When you do that, you’re not branding yourself. 

Guess who you’re branding? The company.

And a potential customer can buy from any distributor for the company.  

Actually, no matter what you have to offer, people can buy something similar from else where.  

But, here’s the thing to remember: People will buy from you because you have your own unique you-ness.

So make sure they know who you are by branding yourself.

3. People leave Network Marketing companies and/or are in multiple companies at a time.

Have you started with an MLM as a distributor and then quit and joined a different one?  Or are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur in multiple companies at the same time?

If so, does that mean you should start and manage a different Facebook page for each separate business?

My vote? No.  

Growing a successful Facebook Fan Page is a lot of time and effort.

No matter if you hop from one business to another or you run multiple businesses, the common denominator here is YOU. 

No matter what business you have, you always have you.

So, if you name your page after yourself, it can stay with you no matter what the business.

Choosing a Name

If you’re choosing to use your own name, you’ve got a couple options…

Option #1 – Just use your name.

You can describe what you do in the rest of the page. This is what I have chosen with my Facebook Business Page.

(Btw, I’ve made the naming mistake before too. When I was an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, my Business Page was called ‘Accessing Infinite Possibilities.’  And my LED Light Therapy Business Page was called ‘Lighten Your Pain.’  Guess how well those worked for me?)

Jenn Possick - Naming your Facebook Business Page

Option #2 – Use your name and describe your niche. 

My mom’s page – Kare’s High Frequency Wellness, doesn’t mention the Micronized Purple Rice we share (and no where does it mention the name of the company).  Here’s why: Every business my mom has been in has been focused on health and wellness. So, under the High Frequency Wellness umbrella, we can easily promote other products (and people) as long as they are health and wellness focused.

Jenn Possick - Naming Your Facebook Business Page

So, I’d love to hear from you!  Do you agree with my take?

What’s the name of your Facebook Business Page?

Share the name, why you chose it, and a link to the page in the comments below or in my Facebook Group HERE.