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Last week I wrote a blog post about what you should know before starting Facebook ads.

I received a comment on the blog that read, “This information is excellent Jenn, but my company does not allow us to boost our posts or take out ads on Facebook.”

And then I had an “Oh No!” moment, because I realized I had not yet addressed a big key to building a successful business!

So, I immediately changed this week’s blog to not only talk about what to do if your company doesn’t allow you to run Facebook ads, but to also have a larger conversation around how you want to promote your business.

First I want to address Touch Points.

What are touch points?

Touch points are simply a point of contact you have with a potential customer.

Think about when you decide to buy from a person or a business. 

Do you usually buy the very first time you are introduced to what someone has to offer? Do you buy after your very first touch point?

How about after your 2nd?  Probably not.

Research shows that most sales occur between the 5th and 12th touch point!

Between the 1st touch point and the sale, you’re letting people get to know:

  • You
  • Your product/service
  • How they can benefit from your product/service I write getting to know you first because we buy from those we know, like, and trust.I’m sure your company or your business offers exceptional products or tools.  But if that’s what people want to buy, they can buy that from anyone who does the same thing as you. What they can’t buy from just anyone is you. Your personality, your service, your ability to go above and beyond, or explain things in a simple way, or whatever exceptional part of you that only YOU can bring to the table.

    So, more important than focusing on your company, focus on you.

    That’s the key ingredient that sets the successful entrepreneurs apart from the non-successful ones.

    AND this holds true if you’re with a network marketing company, a direct sales company, are a coach or facilitator using a particular method, or if you own your own business.

    How do you let people get to know you online?

    There’s tons of ways to let your personality shine through.  My best suggestion  is through putting out content while giving value.

    What counts as value? First let me talk about what value is not. 

    What Value is Not

  • Value is not solely posting about what you are selling. (Read this blog post to know more about what type of content you should be posting instead to get more engagement)
  • Value is not tagging people in posts about your product. 
  • Or adding them to Facebook groups when they have not asked to join.
  • It isn’t posting about your product on other people’s promotional posts or ads.

These methods come off as spammy and I see all of these social media faux paus way too often. 

I think the majority of these are accidental from just not knowing better. So, if you find yourself in this category, it’s okay.  No judgement. And now you know better, so you can change it. No biggie. 

What Value IS

  • It is about brightening the social media world through positivity.
  • Giving freely what you know. 
  • It means giving content that inspires, educates, and entertains.  This content can take so many forms: Facebook posts, blogs, videos, discovery sessions, weekly challenges, webinars, podcasts, Periscopes, and the list goes on!

Whatever niche you’re in (health and wellness, beauty, self-help, consciousness, cooking, organization, travel, etc) learn everything you can around that and share what you know!

Okay, so there’s still that pesky question… my company doesn’t let me use their name in Facebook ads. What do I do?

My family’s business – the one I run all the Facebook ads for, where the majority of our sales first see us through a Facebook ads – our company won’t let us use their name anywhere online either.

But guess what? It doesn’t make a bit of difference! Because even if they did, we still wouldn’t use it.  Instead, we have focused everything around my mom.  She’s the one who’s actually on the phone with customers every day. She’s the one people grow to know, like, and trust. She’s the reason people purchase our product!

And so the name of our Facebook fan page of almost 20,000 fans has nothing to do with the company and everything to do with health and wellness. 

It’s called Kare’s High Frequency Wellness.  1st, because we wanted to include my mom’s name (Kare).  2nd, because that’s what we do – we share health and wellness info.

So, my suggestion to you…  don’t use the company name in your Facebook page. Definitely include your name. Focus on you and what you bring to the table. And then if you want, you can also include some type of description. 

Action Steps

You know I am all about taking action. So, for this week, think about the name of your Facebook fan page and what type content you are posting.  Is it promoting you or your company?  If it’s the latter, how can you change that?

And then of course if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them in my Facebook group here: