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Do you have a product or service to share with the world but you aren’t getting the amount of customers or clients you’d like?

Do you feel like your marketing efforts are a bit all over the place?

I can definitely relate. When I first took over the online marketing for my family’s business, my efforts were not focused.  I was trying any and everything I could to make a difference.  It wasn’t until I began implementing a simple sales system that our fans, our leads, and best of all our sales began to skyrocket. 

A simple sales system can make all the difference in your business.  But before I share our system, I wanna talk a little bit about a pre-system – Branding…

Brand YOU, Not the company

My family’s business that I do all the marketing for, is also a network marketing company that doesn’t allow distributors to use their name on Facebook or in Facebook ads.  And…the majority of our customers first see us  in Facebook ads that are 100% okay with the company. (We actually work closely with the president and vice president of the company and I’ve taken them both on a little tour of our marketing. :D)

How do we do this? I bet you already know my answer…  We brand ourselves, not the company.

Honestly, I believe strongly that this should be the case no matter what business you’re in, no matter if your company lets you use their name or not.  Brand yourself.

Why? We buy from those we know, like, and trust.

If you know there are 2 reps from the same company – one is your friend, the other is a stranger.  Who are you going to buy from?  Probably  your friend, right?  You already know them.  You like them.  And hopefully, if they’re your friend, you trust them.

Chances are someone can buy your product or service from someone else.  And if not, they can certainly buy something similar.  They buy from you because they like you.
So, how do you start branding yourself on Facebook? You focus on giving value throughout your sales system to grow the know, like, and trust factor.

A Simple Sales System

You may have heard people talk about a sales funnel, or sometimes a sales spiral.  Regardless what it’s called, it’s basically a system for the steps people take from first hearing about you to purchasing from you.

Here’s how our sales system usually looks…

sales system smaller

Let me talk about that in a bit more detail. 

Facebook Ads

For the majority of our sales, people first see us in a Facebook Ad -Usually this is an ad for conversions. 

SIDE NOTE: If talk of Facebook ads and ads for conversions are a bit confusing and you’d like a more info on Facebook Ads in general, check out Ad Makers Society, a membership designed to give you the access and support for running ads to grow your list and get more clients. 

(And if you aren’t ready for Facebook ads, it’s okay.  These can and do sometimes take the form of free Facebook posts on our fan page.)

This ad leads people to click on our lead magnet, which is sometimes also known as an opt-in.

Lead Magnet

2A lead magnet is something of value that you deliver (usually online) in exchange for someone’s email.  It can take the form of a PDF, a video, a word document, etc and can be a checklist, a resource, guide, a tutorial, an e-book, a video, and so many other options. 

For my family’s business, we send out a free E-Book (though we have physical books if someone requests that instead) that my mom wrote talking about her experience with the Micronized Purple Rice (our product), the experiences of some friends and family, and the science behind why it works. 

And let me tell you, this works like gangbusters to get people onto our e-mails list, which in turn helps to turn our leads into customers.

For my Facebook marketing business, my lead magnet is a video training that gives a bunch of tips and tools to help jump-start your business on Facebook. 

P.S. Are you still a little confused about lead magnets and would like some help with how to actually create one? 

Then make sure to read all the way to the bottom for a very special, totally free giveaway that I am SO excited to share with you!

Email Responder Series

email delivery
You may have heard that the money is in the list.  This is true.  You want to send consistent, quality content to your list. 

In our first email of the series, we deliver the lead magnet.

The 2nd email sends them to 2 main places

1. Sales Page

We send them to our long copy sales page that goes into great detail about what our product is, my mom’s story, my dad’s story, 3 in-depth testimonials, and answers to every question we typically get about our product.

2. Facebook Group

The 2nd place we send people is our Facebook Group – which is a space for customers and potential customers to connect, ask questions, share their experiences with our product, and best of all, support each other in their journey to better health.

Our Lead Magnet, Email Series, Sales Page, and Facebook Group all work together to grow the know, like, and trust factor, making it more likely for them to…


flying-moneyFrom there, people will:
1. Buy
 2. Watch the group, receive more emails, Think about it, and buy eventually
3. Not buy

And if they don’t buy after they’ve seen who we are and what we do, it’s okay.  The majority of folks won’t buy. That’s how business goes.

How many things have you been interested in but decided for whatever reason you weren’t gonna buy right now.  That’s how it is for everyone at some point.  And that’s okay. 


Because there are always people who are looking for you and what you have to offer.

So, there you have it! An overview of our simple sales system that turns prospects into leads, and leads into customers!

Action Steps

I hope that you will begin to create this system for your own business, and it starts with creating a quality lead magnet. 

I know this can be challenging, so I have a very special giveaway for you that I hope you will love as much as I loved creating it!

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