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In my last blog, I gave a ton of free tools I’ve used to grow my business.  

(Miss it? Read it here.)

This week, I’m only giving you one tool, and it’s not free…but it’s the very best one.

It’s the one tool I could not live without for my business.

Wanna guess what it is?

(If you’ve been reading my stuff for any period of time, you probably already know.)

…Facebook Ads.

Here’s why…

Short Story: The vast majority of our customers first find us through a Facebook ad.

Longer Story: The majority of your friends and family on Facebook are probably not going to buy your stuff.  Because, most likely they’re not your ideal audience.  

For example, I played roller derby for 8 years, so I have a lot of Facebook friends that I know through derby.  While some of them may be interested in my business, the vast majority of them are not my ideal audience and they’re probably not going to buy from me.

The people who I want to reach are entrepreneurs and network marketers looking to grow their business on Facebook.

While a small portion of my Facebook friends fit into this category, most don’t.

And even if I have tons of Facebook friends who are my ideal audience, when you’re just sharing your stuff with your Facebook friends, your ‘warm market’ can run out pretty quickly. Once that happens, your friends tend to get tired of seeing the same posts promoting your stuff again and again.

So to me, Facebook ads are a great way to target my ideal audience and reach people I don’t already know and then grow the know, like, and trust factor.

(Now, I will say you can absolutely can grow your page completely organically. I know people who have built massive followings without running any ads. But it’s not always easy and it’s often slow going.

So, again, to me, the fastest and most effective way to find my ideal audience is through running ads that target them.)

Additionally, we know that reach is down for business pages on Facebook. Even on your personal profile, anything you post won’t be seen by ALL of your friends.  Running an ad on Facebook, even just spending a few bucks, guarantees that your stuff is put in front of larger numbers of your ideal audience.

So, how do you actually find your ideal audience through a Facebook ad?

Facebook literally has millions of ways to target users.

From the basics of age and gender, to pages they’ve expressed interest in, demographics, to purchasing behaviors. You can put together any combination of these and you can include or exclude any of these!

But you definitely have to spend time doing your research.

What I don’t recommend is just going in and starting ads without knowing what you’re doing and having a clear plan in place.  That is a quick way to spend lots of money and get nothing in return.

Instead, before you run any ads, you want to first understand how to create your ads and have a plan for the targeting, as well as the copy and the graphics.

I probably spend at least 5 times as long getting everything ready to go as I do actually setting up the ad.

Think you’d like to run some ads, but don’t really know where to start?

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